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How to buy on Buymanni

In order to control conditions during shipping and storage, we supply consumers directly, door-to-door, by courier.

Because of the high cost of transportation, we ship only cartons containing 5 gift boxes each (for a total of 10 100 ml/3.4 oz bottles). We ship only by international courier so that the oil will travel under temperature-and pressure-controlled conditions to reach you "alive". To further insure this, we ship only from Monday to Wednesday to be certain the oil reaches you before delivery halts on Sunday.


Our oil is alive thanks to our special method of production and bottling. To combat oxidation, we bottle under inert gas in special patented bottles (that block 99.999% of UV rays) with patented stoppers.

We are the first consumers of our own oil. To be sure our oil maintains its unique qualities, we analyze it every four months - and not only just after pressing, as the law requires. See the Data Sheet with the latest results of PER ME (For Me) and/or PER MIO FIGLIO (For my Child), at Can any other oil make that claim?

Each gift box, designed by Riccardo Ruini, contains:

  • two 100 ml/3.4 oz bottles, in any combination of the two oils, PER ME (For Me) and/or PER MIO FIGLIO (For my Child)
  • a booklet about what extra virgin olive oil is, its qualities as a food and its health benefits, our project and the extraordinary chemical properties of MANNI IGP Tuscan extra virgin olive oil
  • two special pouring spouts

The gift boxes can have any combination of the two oils:

  • PER ME box: 2 bottles (100 ml/3.4 oz each) of PER ME (For Me)
  • PER MIO FIGLIO box: 2 bottles (100 ml/3.4 oz each) of PER MIO FIGLIO (For my Child)
  • MIX box: 1 bottle of PER ME (For Me) and 1 bottle of PER MIO FIGLIO (For my Child) of 100 ml/3.4 oz each one

If you have children, consider that they consume about a quarter of what an adult does. A good choice would be to order 2 PER ME boxes, 2 MIX boxes (a superb gift), and 1 PER MIO FIGLIO box.

We tested serving size with a number of food writers and chefs. Their conclusion was that, with our oil, you need only 30-35% of the amount you usually use of common extra virgin olive oil. In other words, for every teablespoon (15 ml) of ordinary extra virgin, you need less than a teablespoon (5 ml) of our oils. This is very good for your health (less fat and a very high antioxidant performance).

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