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Lorenzo Manni
He’s now 18 years old. He knows perfectly well the oil is made for him.
He’s a hard task master.
But he has his charm.

Armando Manni

photo by Barbara Ledda

Film director and passionate gourmet.
He threw away his cum laude degree in Economics and International Finance to
become one of the top young photographers of the 1980s. "Elvjs & Merilijn", his first feature film, has an international cult following, as well as having earned critical raves and prizes at film festivals around the world in 1998, 1999 and 2000, becoming one of the most prize-winning Italian films worldwide of recent years.

• BEST SCREENPLAY of the Year Award, Presidency of the Council of Ministers 1998
• GOLDEN GLOBE Best First Feature Film awarded by the Foreign Press in Italy 1998
• NOMINATED Montréal World Film Festival 1998
• AMIDEI PRIZE for Best First Film 1998
• FIRST PRIZE awarded by the public for Best Film at Festival delle Nazioni 1998
• SILVER OVIDIO for Best Director 1998
• SILVER OVIDIO for Best Actress 1998
• PRIX du JEUNE PUBLIC Festival Cinéma Mediterranée Montpellier 1998
• GRAND PRIX "Ignazio Rossi" for Best Film 1998
• PRIX INFOCOM Festival de Cinéma de Rennes 1999
• PRIX for the Best Actress, Festival du Film de Valenciennes 1999
• GRAND PRIX Festival du Film de Valenciennes 1999
• SPIRIT of FREEDOM AWARD for Best International Film, Jerusalem International Film Festival 1999
• NOMINATED at Cairo International Film Festival 1999
• BEST QUALITY MOVIES of the Year, Presidency of the Council of Ministers
• FIRST PRIZE awarded by the public at Cantiere Italia 2000

Lorenzo, his child, earned his father’s eternal gratitude by waiting until the last day of shooting to be born.

"Screen International" Lee Marshall
An astonishing film, a powerful and memorable directorial debut.

"La Repubblica" Roberto Nepoti
A strong courageous movie, a far cry from the "mannerism" so fashionable in the Italian cinema today... Manni's Riccione makes Hanoi seem like Disneyland.

"Los Angeles Times" Keyin Thomas
Among a clutch of mediocre comedies, there’s a gem: Armando Manni’s wry and wrenching “Elvjs & Merilijn”…

"Midi-Libre" Gérard Mayen
Armando Manni’s first feature film is an true encounter between East and West Europe … great scenes, strong, cruel, beautiful… Armando Manni’s talent explodes on the screen.

"Il tempo" Gian Luigi Rondi
Violent emotions and agonizing conflict reflect themes confronted by Fassbinder... the film’s language reaches visionary heights, is never realistic and often imposes itself as a powerful style.

"Variety" David Rooney
... this plaintive tale of beautiful losers remains intense, involving and considerably more ambitious than most Italian debut features.


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